Recent Funding Completions

LCF are active in arranging funding for Clients across a range of sectors – from SME Cashflow Funding to finance for Property Development

Below are some examples of just a few of the recent Facilities delivered throughout Northern Ireland


Loan AmountPurposeFunding Source
£350,000Unsecured loan to a Belfast based trading business to fund a new fitout and working capitalAlternative Funder
£350,000Loan to Derry based manufacturing business secured on their business premises – refinance and restructure of existing bank facilitiesAlternative Funder
£350,000Invoice discounting facility for Belfast based healthcare businessAlternative Funder
£350,000Refinance of Derry based manufacturing business’s trading premisesAlternative Funder
£340,000New Business Funding (Livery) – Co. DownMainstream Bank
£230,000To fund acquisition of a guesthouse in BelfastAlternative Funder
£210,000Secured Loan to acquire Bar in Co. AntrimMainstream Bank
£200,000Terminal card funding loan to a NI based trading business with multiple outletsAlternative Funder
£200,000Trading Business Acquisition (Restaurant) – Co. DownMainstream Bank
£200,000Cashflow loan to fund fitout for a growing Belfast based business in the leisure sectorAlternative Funder
£200,000Terminal card funding loan to an NI based business in the hospitality sectorAlternative Funder
£160,000Secured Term Loan to Acquire B&B – PortrushMainstream Bank
£160,000Secured term loan to refinance loan over the business premises of a Fermanagh based business in the construction sector to a new funder on improved termsAlternative Funder
£150,000Secured term loan for a Belfast based solicitor firm to acquire new business premisesMainstream Bank
£140,000Trading Business – Premises AcquisitionMainstream Bank
£140,000Unsecured Loan – Insurance Brokerage Acquisition (London)Mainstream Bank
£125,000To fund acquisition of a commercial unit in NewtownardsMainstream Bank
£125,000To fund acquisition of a commercial unit in BelfastMainstream Bank
£125,000Unsecured loan to a Belfast based SME to fund their growth plansAlternative Funder
£120,000Cashflow loan for a Belfast based manufacturing businessAlternative Funder
£75,000Cashflow loan to fund refurbishment of an outlet of a chain of NI pubsAlternative Funder
£75,000 Unsecured loan to a North West based joinery business to fund hotel fitout contractAlternative Funder
£70,000Unsecured Loan to Acquire Trading Business – BallymoneyUK Based Funder
£50,000Unsecured Refurbishment Loan – CaféMainstream Bank
£50,000Unsecured Loan- Share Acquisition – Trading Business (Chiropodist – London)Mainstream Bank
£25,000Trading Business (Painter & Decorator) Unsecured Loan – Overdraft Conversion to Term Loan and Cashflow.Mainstream Bank
£20,000Trading Business (Mechanic) – Premises AcquisitionMainstream Bank
£10,000Cashflow loan to a Lisburn Road based trading business to fund working capitalAlternative Funder


Loan AmountPurposeFunding Source
£7,200.000To fund over 50 new homes across 3 developments in Northern IrelandAlternative Funder
£4,100.000Residential Development site purchase and 100% WIP to undertake development on this site and on other unencumbered sites – Mid UlsterAlternative Funder
£2,8000.00Residential Development facility to 100% fund new retail and apartment scheme – North CoastAlternative Funder
£2,600,000developer exit bridging facilityAlternative Funder
£2,500.000Refinance of Mixed Residential and Commercial Investment Portfolio from Vulture FundAlternative Funder
£2,000.000Commercial Development facility to fund a new petrol filling station – Co. AntrimAlternative Funder (Completed in 3 weeks)
£1,500,000Development funding package for a Co Tyrone development project funding portion of site acquisition and 100% of Phase 1 of 12 booked unitsAlternative Funder
£1,480,000residential development funding for phase 1 of a Co Tyrone scheme of 40 unitsAlternative Funder
£1,100,00Land and work in progress funding for a 16 unit residential development in Co AntrimAlternative Funder
£1,000.000Refinance of Commercial Investment Portfolio from Vulture Fund – BangorAlternative Funder
£895.000Site acquisition and WIP funding for a development of four bespoke family homes for an experienced NI developerAlternative Funder
£560,000bridging loan for NI based property developerAlternative Funder
£450.000Equity Release from income generating Residential Investment portfolio to fund further Development- ColeraineMainstream Bank
£405,000commercial investment loan over 3 new build commercial units on North CoastAlternative Funder
£360,000commercial loan over investment property in LurganAlternative Funder
£350.000Residential Development facility to fund development of 5 new build houses – DerryAlternative Funder
£350.000Refinance of Commercial Investment Portfolio from Vulture Fund - DerryAlternative Funder
£350.000To refinance a commercial investment property located in East BelfastAlternative Funder
£300.000Cash release from a residential investment property recently acquired with cashMainstream Bank
£270.000Equity release from an income producing residential Investment portfolio to fund additional propertiesAlternative Funder
£270,000bridging loan over completed new build houses in BelfastAlternative Funder
£260.000To fund a build to rent project consisting of the conversion of a terrace house in Portrush to 3 apartmentsAlternative Funder
£242,000Residential refurbishment loan to a limited company to acquire/convert an HMO property in BelfastAlternative Funder
£242,000residential refurbishment loan for East Belfast projectAlternative Funder
£240.000Residential Investment Property – CanterburyMainstream Bank
£235.000Company buy to let loan on a refurbished 5 bedroom HMO property in East BelfastAlternative Funder
£200.000Second charge loan to a Belfast based property company to fund new development projectAlternative Funder
£200.000Residential Investment property acquisition, using unencumbered additional security – BangorMainstream Bank
£150.000Refinance of a North Down based commercial investment portfolio from Vulture FundAlternative Funder
£140.000Refinance and Cash Release to fund Refurbishment of Dental ClinicMainstream Bank
£138,000Residential investment loan to a limited company to acquire a 5 bed HMO property in BelfastMainstream Bank
£130, 000To release equity from an unencumbered company buy to let portfolio to acquire further propertiesUK Funder
£100,000 To fund the acquisition of the unit next door for a Newtownards based trading businessMainstream Bank
£80,000To release equity from an unencumbered company buy to let portfolio to acquire another propertyUK Funder


Loan AmountPurposeFunding Source
£330,000To fund purchase of new machinery (Router Table) for large scale manufacturing plantMainstream Funder
£100,000Vehicle finance for a Belfast based trading businessMainstream Funder
£85,000To refinance a director’s existing facilities on two sports carsMainstream Funder
£72,000To fund purchase of a plasma cutting machine for a Mid Ulster based engineering businessMainstream Funder
£60,000Equity release for a construction company from unencumbered plant and machinery to fund Working CapitalMainstream Funder
£42,000To fund purchase of 2 new vehicles for a NI based haulage companyMainstream Funder
£30,000Vehicle finance for Director of one of our client companiesMainstream Funder
£25,000To fund new till system for a restaurant in NewtownardsMainstream Funder
£19,000To fund purchase of a new machine for a Derry based glazing companyMainstream Funder
£17,000To fund new IT hardware for a Belfast based solicitor firmMainstream Funder
£50,000to fund machine for Derry based manufacturing companyMaintream Funder
£50,000to fund machine for Omagh based engineering businessMaintream Funder
£20,000to fund new till system for restaurant in NewtownardsMaintream Funder